Yes, you must be a resident of the UK and be registered with a GP in the UK to get Direct2Insure travel insurance.

A Direct2Insure policy covers a number of hazardous activities, a list of these activities can be found in the policy wording of your travel insurance policy. If there's an activity you wish to do that is not listed in the policy wording, then there will be no cover offered.
If you wish to go skiing on your holiday, then selecting the "Winter Sports" option will cover you for an additional premium.

In some cases, Direct2Insure are able to cover certain pre-existing medical conditions, this cover sometimes comes at an additional premium. Should you wish to have cover for your pre-exisiting medical conditions, then using our easy to use medical screening service will allow you to search for your medical condition, from there you will be asked relevant questions regarding your condition.

If we can offer cover for your pre-existing medical conditions, then your travel insurance quote may have an additional premium if appropriate.

An excess on your travel insurance is the amount that you are liable to pay in the event of a claim, this is usually on a per-person basis. Details of this can be found in your travel insurance policy documents.

Yes, selecting winter sports cover will provide you cover for off-piste skiing. However, this does not provide cover for areas that are designated as unsafe by the skiiing resport management, or where there's an avalanche warning in place.

At Direct2Insure we can provide travel insurance cover for ages up to 70. However, if you need cover for anyone older than 70, then please take a look at our sister site, TravelAdder.

TravelAdder - Over 70s Travel Insurance

An annual travel insurance policy will cover you to maximum of up to 60 days at any one time on our Comprehensive cover. If you have selected winter sports the maximum amount of days our annual policy will cover you for is 17.

No, your travel insurance policy will only cover for what you've selected, it does not automatically cover you for policy extras. If you wish to be covered for winter sports, golf and/or cruise cover, then these policy extras would need to be selected. Please note, adding these will increase the policy premium.

Yes, you are covered as long as you have pre-booked at least two nights accomodation in the UK.

If you are a couple that live at the same address, then yes, the couples option applys to you. However, if you are a couple that do not live at the same address, then no, the couples option does not apply.

The benefits of your travel insurance policy are per-person, meaning if there's 3 people on the policy, all 3 of them have each of those benefits.

For each 24 hour period, Direct2Insure will pay the amount shown in the event that your baggage is delayed on your outward journey.

The travel delay benefit of your travel insurance policy commences after you've been delayed for 12 hours as a result of industrial action, this can be: adverse weather, mechanical breakdown of the aircraft, sea vessel or train that you are due to travel in.

Those that are covered on a family policy are: parents or grandparents and all dependent children for whom they are legally responsible, or guardians aged under 18 years old in full time education or that are travelling with an insured adult under the policy.

No, this policy does not cover you if you are travelling with the purpose of recieving medical treatment or advice from another country.

Yes, a child under the age of 18 can get travel insurance to travel alone if they have purchased a child policy and are in full time education.

No, you cannot make adjustments to your travel insurance policy when you are outside the UK and already travelling.

Yes, you have the oppurtunity to cancel your travel insurance within 14 days of the date you recieve your documents and if you have not started travelling or made a claim.

If you wish to cancel your travel insurance policy, please email Direct2Insure at enquiries@brokersure.com

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